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Pujas and rituals have been an integral part of our Vedic tradition and culture. Pujas have been a method of healing and attaining well-being and taking each one of us closer to the Supreme Being. Pujas have also been a means of showing our reverence for Mother Nature, by celebrating her and drawing on the immense energies held by her. But over a period of time, relevant and correct information about the rituals were not available to many. Due to this, people found it difficult to perform the Pujas the correct way, seeking redressal to the problems they faced. To fill this void and restore people's faith in the Puja rituals and help people perform Pujas in the correct way, Puja Sanskar has stepped in with its services.

Puja Sanskar is on its mission to help people to get the resources required to perform their Puja rituals the convenient way. The sole purpose of Puja Sanskar is to provide online Puja services to the devout in India and abroad. Puja Sanskar offers consultation and takes care of all that is required to be done to perform the Puja as per Vedic scriptures. We fix an appropriate Mahurat for your Puja to be performed.

Each and every Puja is accompanied by a complimentary Brahman Bhoj.
Akash Mishra

Akash Mishra (Expert)
He has interacted widely with various Astrologers and Religious Practitioners across India .....

  • Rajesh Pandey
    Rajesh Pandey (Pujari)

    Trained in Vedic Puja Rituals and Karmakaand from Maharshi Ved Vigyan Vishva Vidyapeetham...

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  • Hari Shukla
    Hari Shukla (Pujari)

    Trained in the Vedant Vidyapeeth Sanskrit Ucchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya (Ayodhya)...

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  • Kapil Pandey
    Kapil Pandey (Pujari)

    Trained at Maharshi Ved Vigyan Vishva Vidyapeetham (Bhopal), and trained in Vedic...

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  • Mithilesh Tiwari
    Mithilesh Tiwari (Pujari)

    Trained at Maharshi Ved Vigyan Vishva Vidyapeetham (Noida, Uttar Pradesh), trained...

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  • Sushil Dubey
    Sushil Dubey (Pujari)

    Trained in Vedic Puja Rituals from Shukla Yajurved Madhyandini Samhita and...

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