Q1) How can I book a Puja online?
  • A1) a. You can visit our website www.pujasanskar.com and select the Puja you wish for. Once you select the desired Puja, click on “Add to Cart”.
  • B). If you would like to add more items to your cart, you can continue shopping or simply click on the checkout button.
  • C). Choose your desired method of payment and confirm your order.
  • D). Or you can simply call on +91 – 9320077018.
  • Q2) How many days in advance can I book a Puja?
  • A2) Puja request will be as per the Mahurat given by the Panditji. Do contact us though for availability and we will try to accommodate you.
  • Q3) Can I cancel my Puja service after booking? Is there a refund policy?
  • A3) Though we do not recommend and prefer cancelling a Puja request once ordered, as the process of arranging the materials for the Puja is set in motion as soon as we receive your request, you can, however, cancel your Puja service request 72 hours prior. Please visit our cancellation & refund policy page on our website for more details.
  • Q4) How can I change or cancel my request?
  • A4) To make changes or cancel your Puja request you are requested to call at least 72 hours prior. This will give us time to make the necessary changes needed without any inconvenience.
  • Q5) What are the charges for the Puja?
  • A5) Every Puja is different. Therefore, depending on the type of Puja you request, the specifics of the ceremony, the length of the ceremony, and the number of Pandits, the prices will differ. You can check the prices of each Puja by visiting our home page and clicking on the relevant Puja services.
  • Q6) How can I be sure that the Puja I choose will be conducted and in the proper way?
  • A6) Subject to the factors and conditions in our control, the Puja of your choice will be conducted as you have requested. You may also have the option of watching the Puja live or have it recorded depending on the services booked. You can also come to our office to participate in the ceremony or send some to attend the service on your behalf.
  • Q7) How do I know that the Puja is ONLY dedicated to one client and it is not a combined Puja for other clients as well?
  • A7) At Pujasanskar.com, we make sure that each and every Puja performed is an individual Puja. If however, if the Puja is for a festival e.g. Mahashivratri, Laxmi Puja etc. all requests will be combined together.