Significance of Materials in Rudrabhishek

Significance of Materials in Rudrabhishek
2 February, 2020
According to our religious texts, there is great significance to performing Rudrabhishek. It is said that all wishes are fulfilled when Rudrabhishek is performed.

As mentioned in the Rudra Upanishad
                                                                        सर्वदेवात्मको रुद सर्वे: देवाशिवात्मका:
                                                               Sarvdevatmako Rudra Sarveh Deva Shivatmahkah
This means, Rudra is present in the soul of all deities and Rudra is the soul of all Gods.
In our religious texts, for the fulfillment of various wishes, many rituals and Puja materials have been mentioned. Devotees in various ways to fulfill their various aspirations use different Puja materials to perform Rudrabhishek on Lord Shiva, who is beloved by the spirits and whose abode is Kailash.

Let’s take a look at some of the offerings that can be offered for Rudrabhishek and their benefits as per scriptures.
Since time immemorial, India has been a country which has been the melting pot for different religions and cultures. Every religion has its own spirit and has contributed vastly to creating a vibrancy of followers. Each religion and culture has its own set of rituals that they follow which at times differ from each other. However, the one thing common among these religions are the festivals they celebrate. These festivals, celebrated by all, bring the people of the country together and bring harmony amongst the people.

• Abhishek with water maintains the balance between excessive and scanty rainfall
• Abhishek with Kusha water gives relief from incurable diseases
• Abhishek with curd for acquisition of property and vehicles
• Abhishek with sugarcane juice brings in wealth and abundance
• For an increase in wealth Abhishek needs to be done with Honey and Ghee (clarified butter)
• Abhishek with water from all the holy places provides Moksha (Liberation from the cycle of birth and death)
• Abhishek with perfumed water bestows good health
• To get a son Abhishek with milk
• If, however, you have a child which is stillborn then Abhishek with cow milk
• For relief from fever anoint with Gangajal
• Abhishek with clarified butter expands family and lineage
• Abhishek with milk sweetened with sugar is for wisdom and intellect
• Abhishek with mustard oil helps overcome enemies
• Abhishek with honey helps keep away diseases like tuberculosis
• Abhishek with Durva water cures life threatening diseases

Though Rudrabhishek can be performed in any month, however, in the month of Shravan it holds special significance which is considered beneficial.
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