Importance of Festivals

Importance of Festivals
18 February, 2020

Since time immemorial, India has been a country which has been the melting pot for different religions and cultures. Every religion has its own spirit and has contributed vastly to creating a vibrancy of followers. Each religion and culture has its own set of rituals that they follow which at times differ from each other. However, the one thing common among these religions are the festivals they celebrate. These festivals, celebrated by all, bring the people of the country together and bring harmony amongst the people.

Festivals in our country help to create a spirit of celebration and help people to bond with one another and remain united. Festivals provide people with a chance to forget about everyday stress and struggles and celebrate life at its best. Most of the festivals are a celebration of the five elements that make the human body, its importance and the relation between the elements and humans.

Many of the festivals are dedicated to various Gods, Goddess and saints from different religions, and celebrating these festivals are a great way of commemorating their greatness. Almost all festivals have one message that they spread: the victory of good or evil and for people to lead a righteous way of life. Festivals encourage people to overlook the negative in and around other people and encourage and embrace a positive way of life. It provides people with an opportunity to come together and ignore all ill-will that anyone may be garnering and help maintain peace and harmony.

Festivals contribute to economic growth of the country as we see an increase in spend when people indulge in buying new clothes, jewelry, new items for their homes, food and more. Festivals are a way for the younger generation to interact with the older generation and learn about their culture, values and traditions.

India is a land of many religions and has a rich tradition of celebrating every festival with much galore. While Hindus contribute to the joy of celebration with festivals like Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and Dussehra, Muslims join in with Eid, Christians with Christmas and Easter and the Sikhs with Baisakhi. Besides these festivals, there are other festivals that are celebrated by other cultures which ensure the people are always in a festive and joyous mood. The celebratory mood among people keeps them positive, healthy in mind, body and spirit, ensuring peace, harmony and well-being.

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