About Us

About Us

Puja Sanskar is a Rudralife initiative. Since last 20 years, Rudralife has been offering lab certified quality Rudraksha to consumers along with impeccable service. Leveraging our trust and quality offerings, we are extending our values in the eco system of Puja with the intention of offering the best to the Gods with flowers, puja accessories and puja pandits.  

We abide by the content in our Shastras to source and market our products on an ecommerce platform to bridge the gap customers have in the ecosystem of Puja and offering to Gods. 

Our offerings are in the following categories:

            Puja Flowers – Daily fresh flowers in subscription model for GODS and special flowers and garlands based on specific puja requirements are delivered to your doorstep in consistent packaging. 

            Puja Samagri – Our puja samagris are sourced from the purest sources to enhance your puja experience. 

            Puja Essentials – Best puja utensils of high gauge, idols,  temples suiting to your home and office requirements and temple accessories. 

            Puja Pandits - We offer the services of qualified Puja pandits for any types of puja at home and office. Astrologer recommendation and subsequent puja service is also provided. Offline puja facility is also available.


             Puja Sanskar aims to become the number one trusted brand in India and the world for any Godly offerings related to Puja and worship. Puja Sanskar - a brand to be reckoned with for quality, consistency and trust for years to come. 


Our mission is to make Puja experiences fulfilling by making sure the right elements mentioned in the Shastras are followed and quality offerings are made to God. A no compromise and quality check approach will be our way to ensure that only the best Puja elements get offered to the Lord in your homes.